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How COVID-19 Has Impacted Medicare

As of late August 2020, the United States has lost more than 175,000 patients due to COVID-19. Sadly, 80% of these deaths are patients aged 65+ years, which is why it’s especially important to discuss Medicare changes during the coronavirus pandemic. After all, keeping in good health means managing your healthcare coverage too. Here’s what […]

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Healthinsurance.com Gauges Virtual Healthcare and Telemedicine Use During Coronavirus Pandemic

The cost of healthcare still remains a factor for many Americans during the Coronavirus pandemic, according to a recent virtual healthcare survey by healthinsurance.com, our direct-to-consumer website. The telemedicine survey found that 39% of respondents would think twice about seeking Coronavirus medical care due to cost. But more Americans may turn to virtual healthcare options […]

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Healthinsurance.com Launches Survey on COVID-19 Economic Impact

The Coronavirus pandemic is impacting our economy and unemployment rate in unprecedented ways, with 17 million unemployment claims filed over the past two weeks alone. That’s why our direct-to-consumer website, healthinsurance.com, recently launched a survey to gauge the concerns and feelings of more than 1,000 respondents about COVID-19 and its economic impact. Healthinsurance.com focused on […]

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