Citron Research Predicts Benefytt Stock Price will Surpass $60

Benefytt Technologies Stock Price to surpass $60 Citron Research predicts

Citron Research, one of the longest-running stock commentary websites, recently noted that the Coronavirus pandemic is the moment that will make telemedicine mainstream. 

And Benefytt Technologies (BFYT) is at “the forefront of this megatrend,” according to Citron. As a result, Citron predicts that Benefytt’s stock will surpass $60 by the end of this year.

Citron’s full report came on the heels of a recent White House briefing to the country in which the need for more telemedicine offerings for seniors emerged as a key theme. HHS Secretary of Healthcare, Alex Azar, especially noted telemedicine to be “the future of healthcare.”

Rapidly growing medicare advantage enrollment

The first half of the Citron report addresses Benefytt’s role in Medicare Advantage and Telemedicine.

According to Citron:

“There are 10,000 people turning 65 everyday. The importance of Medicare Advantage cannot be overstated, and Benefytt Technologies is using a suite of products to become a top 5 nationwide broker for Medicare Advantage.”

Over the past decade, enrollment in Medicare Advantage has nearly doubled to 22 million enrollees.

That’s why Benefytt has made strategic acquisitions, beginning with TogetherHealth, PAP LLC, a brokerage that generates over 1 million Medicare Advantage leads annually. TogetherHealth is the entity behind the Joe Namath Medicare Advantage television commercials, which advertise to Medicare beneficiaries to get the “benefits you deserve.” 

Secretary Azar recognized the value in these types of ads:

“On its surface, this doesn’t look or sound like the future of healthcare—but it represents important work done here at the department, placing patients at the center and providing them with a tailored set of benefits that will keep them healthy and keep their costs affordable. We’ve delivered significant results on affordability over the past year.”

In March 2020, Benefytt also announced its acquisition of healthinsurance.com, a direct-to-consumer website that offers plan comparison tools for Medicare Advantage, Medicare Part D, and Medicare Supplement plans, among other private health insurance options. Consumers can also purchase telemedicine services from healthinsurance.com.

During the second half of 2019, Benefytt generated approximately 50,000 approved Medicare Advantage applications alone, thanks to the company’s acquisitions.

Behind Citron Research’s analysis

To conduct its report, Citron Research visited Benefytt’s headquarters to meet with management, spoke with Benefytt employees, connected with competitors, and talked with numerous industry experts to get the most complete picture.
The entire report can be found at citronresearch.com


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