Comprehensive COVID-19 Survey Reveals Insights on Testing, Mental Health and More

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Healthinsurance.com, Benefytt’s direct-to-consumer private insurance and Medicare website, is getting a solid pulse on the reactions and concerns of Americans throughout the coronavirus pandemic. The brand recently launched a series of COVID-19 surveys, which gathered insights from 1,000+ respondents of all ages. 

The most recent survey was the most comprehensive one yet, covering COVID-19 topics such as testing and vaccines, social distancing and mental health, economic impacts, and more. 

COVID-19 Survey Highlights

The survey yielded some interesting results, among them:

  • 56% think those with insurance are receiving better care than those without insurance.
  • 45% of respondents think there is a cure for COVID-19.
  • 40% have avoided going to a hospital for a health problem other than COVID-19 due to fear of contracting the illness.
  • 33% feel seniors who have a Medicare Advantage plan are getting better COVID-19 treatment.

Fox News recently covered the survey during its segment “Fox Biz Flash,” shedding light on how 4 in 10 respondents say that working from home is more stressful during the coronavirus pandemic.

Meanwhile, InsuranceNewsNet.com honed in on the stat that 68% do not know their health insurance options if they were to lose their coverage due to job loss, while Cheddar Health & Wellness covered how to get health insurance coverage if you do lose your job.

More Findings

The full COVID-19 survey results can be found within the healthinsurance.com learning center, but here are some additional highlights that stood out to us.

COVID-19 Testing and Vaccines

  • 92% of respondents think a COVID-19 vaccine should be free for everyone.
  • 78% would get a Coronavirus vaccine.
  • 46% know someone who has tested positive for Coronavirus disease.

COVID-19, Social Distancing and Mental Health

  • 76% of respondents claim that their alcohol consumption has not increased during the pandemic.
  • 65% report no change in their relationship with a spouse or partner.
  • 41% say that their overall mood hasn’t changed during the pandemic.

COVID-19 and the Senior Population

  • 39% of respondents say their children are video chatting with their grandparents now more than ever.
  • 23% have a senior relative living in a nursing home and are considering bringing them into their homes.
  • 23% of respondents said they know someone on Medicare who has tried telemedicine.

COVID-19 and Healthcare

COVID-19 and Economic Impacts

  • 46% think “Medicare for All” would be the best health insurance option for those who are uninsured.
  • 22% know someone who has lost his or her health insurance during the pandemic.
  • 8% have lost their health insurance during the pandemic.


The above results were gathered through an online poll of more than 1,000 Americans between the ages of 18-64. The poll was conducted from May 5, 2020 to May 7, 2020, gleaning representative samples from each state based on population.