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Medicare Marketing for Insurance Agents: Tips, Channels, Do’s and Don’ts

If you’re a licensed Medicare agent, the Medicare Open Enrollment Period is your time to shine. And timing your marketing strategy during the Medicare Open Enrollment Period is essential – especially since it only comes once a year. The Medicare Open Enrollment Period – also known as the Medicare Annual Enrollment Period or the Medicare […]

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How AI Is Helping the Insurance Industry

The insurance industry is seeing a welcome disruption via artificial intelligence (AI), but only a few companies might benefit from this breakthrough. Most organizations lack cognitive technologies to process insight, and this makes the data almost useless. But insurtech companies can connect the potential of the AI data streams available. In this complete introduction to […]

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What is Insurtech?

What is InsurTech? InsurTech is the combination of insurance and technology solutions for enrollment, insurance claims processing, underwriting, policy administration, data insights, fraud detection and more. InsurTech is disrupting the insurance industry by providing cost saving solutions and better customer experience for insurance companies. Let’s dive deeper. Insurance is an old business spanning back centuries: […]

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